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Photograph of a Bar-tailed Godwit by Tim Boyer

Photograph of a Bar-tailed Godwit by Tim Boyer

Shorebirds, the Miracle of Migration - Tim Boyer

Award-winning nature photographer and “master birder” Tim Boyer will talk about the epic migrations of shorebirds, focusing on the transoceanic migrations of six of the 38 common shorebirds found in Washington State, including Bar-tailed Godwits, Pacific Golden Plovers, Sanderlings and others that cross the majority of the Pacific Ocean. We’ll look at where they migrate, why they migrate and how they are able to travel so far.

These global migrants require global conservation and climate change solutions. In an effort to understand their remarkable journeys, we need to look beyond the North American borders and see where shorebirds spend most of their lives.

Tim Boyer’s images have been published in many bird and nature magazines. He is a full-time photographer and a graduate of Seattle Audubon’s Master Birder Program. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of photography and birds through workshops and presentations. Shorebirds are his favorite family group of birds, and he spends a lot of weekends on the Washington Coast. Tim has a degree in Recreation and Parks Management, and had a career as a mountain guide in Alaska, Washington, Canada, Mexico and Ecuador. He’s been to the top of North America (Denali) six times. Toss in a few marathons, an 18 year stint at a large nonprofit where he was once the corporate controller (which he still can’t believe) and you can see he’s ready for adventure. He’s been a photographer since high school, (you know back when they used black and white film). He always knew he would have three different careers but didn’t think that Bird Photography Workshop Leader would be one of them.

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