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Dan Streiffert Photography

Dan Streiffert Photography

January 10, 2019: Rafting the Marsh fork of the Canning River

Join wildlife photographer Dan Streiffert on a 12-day wilderness birding adventure along the western boundary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Called “America’s Serengeti” for its tremendous biological productivity and diversity, the coastal plain is one of the most intact and untouched ecosystems in America. The refuge is home to 42 mammal species, including more than 120,000 caribou; 36 species of fish, and over 160 species of birds. Many of these birds migrate to and from all 50 states and from six continents to feed and reproduce, taking full advantage of the burst of biological growth which blossoms here in the long days of the Arctic summer. Beginning on the scenic Marsh Fork, we descend through the rugged mountains of the Brooks Range, northeast to the confluence with the main stem of the Canning River. Wildlife photographer Dan Streiffert lets you experience this trip through his camera with photos of the journey. Our guide, “Burly” Bob Dittrick ( has led trips for President Jimmy Carter and photographer Art Wolfe. Dan Streiffert is a retired Power Systems Engineer who now spends his time photographing wildlife, volunteering with the Sierra Club and serving as conservation chair and newsletter editor for the Rainier Audubon Society. He grew up in Rochester, N.Y. and his dad worked for Eastman Kodak.

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