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President's Message

Kitsap Audubon's President - Janine Schutt

The time for spring birding is upon us! Plants are bursting with new growth and bird songs fill the air. Migrant shorebirds and other arctic nesters are journeying north and making refueling stops in Washington. Males returning to their breeding grounds are decked out in their finest feathers to attract the ladies. All this, combined with longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, make spring an excellent time to go birding. Donít miss the opportunity!

If you want to know where a particular species has been spotted, visit websites such as and www. Tweeters is a website created for Washington birders where sightings are posted. It is managed by the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture and the University of Washington. While anyone can view the postings, those with a subscription receive them daily via e-mail. The eBird website is an online checklist program created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society. Users can post their sightings for a particular location in a checklist format. Anyone can view these lists by searching for a particular species and clicking on the map points for details about the time of day it was observed, how many individual birds and species were seen or heard, and how far the recorder may have travelled in the area. Several Kitsap Audubon members are faithful users of Tweeters and eBird, and use them to plan their birding activities.

Recommended Bylaw Amendment For the past several months the KAS Board of Directors has been working on how to invest the funds in the Ann Sleight bequest, as well as a policy governing how those funds and possible future bequests and endowments may be used. We are doing our best to establish safeguards that would ensure the money is never misused. Part of this includes how the Board will vote on expenditures from the endowment funds and necessary updates to the policy. It has been proposed that the bequest/endowment policy require a 2/3 vote of the entire Board of Directors to allocate funds or amend the policy. So anyone unable to attend a board meeting where a vote on this matter is expected would have to vote in absentia. Article III, Section 5 of the Kitsap Audubon Society Bylaws currently states: ďOne third of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting, and the majority vote of those present shall determine each issue. Each Board member present is entitled to one vote.Ē At the KAS Board meeting on March 4, 2014 a motion was passed to recommend an amendment to Article III, Section 5. It has been proposed to add the following sentence to the current bylaw: ďIf voting restrictions are listed in a policy, they supersede these voting instructions.Ē This amendment will be voted on by the membership at the KAS general meeting on May 8, 2014.

Remembering Ann Sleight

June 2, 1925 to November 12, 2012

As Kitsap Audubon lost one its most devoted friends and members just a year ago when Ann Sleight died at the age of 87. Ann demonstrated her deep love for nature, wildlife and environmental education by leaving Kitsap Audubon an extraordinarily generous bequest. Kitsap Audubon has already received $270,000 from the estate, and may receive additional funds once the estate is settled. Ann split her estate between Kitsap Audubon and The Nature Conservancy of Washington State.

Ann was one of Kitsap Audubonís founding members 40 years ago, and served as its very first field trip chair. She seldom missed a meeting until her health began to fail. She was an avid hiker and was passionate about nature and wildlife. She was also an accomplished outdoor photographer. She and her partner, JG Archibald, (also deceased) hosted an advanced photography club at their home. Archibald served as a photographer to the U.S. military high command during World War II, and taught photography and darkroom techniques for many years.

Ann was born in Minneapolis, MN, on June 2, 1925, and received her B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Michigan. She came to Bremerton in 1964 to accept a position as anthropology instructor at Olympic College, and taught there for 30 years, until her retirement in 1994. Ann engaged in research projects in Washington, New Mexico, and Alaska. Her studies focused on Native-American prehistory, ethnohistory and education.

Although Ann left no instructions, we can be sure she wanted to ensure the survival of Kitsap Audubon. But there is little doubt that she also strongly supported its mission of preserving the natural world through education, environmental study and habitat protection

The board of Kitsap Audubon is profoundly moved by the faith Ann placed in us. The possibilities she has opened to us will challenge our imagination and test our care in planning. We invite members and friends to join the conversation and take part in our visioning process.



Notes from the Board :
2013 recipient of the Kingfisher Award is:

The 2013 Kingfisher Award will be presented to Judy and Don Willott at the May meeting of the Kitsap Audubon Society (KAS). This is Kitsap Audubonís highest award, given for outstanding service over a period of five or more years. Judy served as KAS President for two years (2009, 2010), and now represents all three regional chapters, Kitsap Audubon, Olympic Peninsula Audubon and Admiralty Audubon, on the Board of Audubon Washington.

Judy and Don have helped lead efforts by the Kitsap Forest and Bay Project (KF&BP) to preserve some 7,000 acres of shoreline and forestland around Port Gamble Bay. Judy represents Kitsap Audubon on the Kitsap Forest and Bay Coalition and chairs the outreach committee to raise public awareness of its mission. Donís photography has documented the land and habitat. the KFBP seeks to preserve.

Don has been a strong and vocal advocate for trails and environmentally sustainable transportation (walking, cycling, and taking the bus) which allow people to be physically active for health, while also preserving habitat. Don is the Vice- President of the North Kitsap Trails Association and chairs itís Sound to Olympics (regional) Trail Committee.

Judy has been a member of the KAS board since 2008, and both she and Don have had an influential role in its decisions ever since. Donís wildlife photos appear often in the Kingfisher, and Donís computer knowledge has been valuable to those using our digital projector.

The KINGFISHER AWARD is Kitsap Audubon Societyís annual recognition of the member or members who gave extraordinary effort to the KAS mission throughout the year. This award is given to a KAS member who has been an active supporter of KAS for at least five years and has been an advocate for the environment and wildlife.

  1. 2012 winner was Vic Ulsh
  2. 2011 winner was Sara and Byron Kane
  3. 2010 winner was Jim Ullrich
  4. 2009 winner was Sandy and Gene Bullock
  5. 2008 winner was Dawn and Hans Hansen
  6. 2007 winner was Dee and John Finkbeiner
  7. 2006 winner was Glenn Anderson
  8. 2005 winner was Richard Anderson
  9. 2004 winner was Ernie and Fay Linger
  10. 2003 winner was Nancy Ladenberger
  11. 2002 winner was Morry Walsh
  12. 2001 winner was Morna Blessing.
  13. 2000 winner was John and Claudia McDonald
  14. 1999 winner was Ivan and Phyllis Summers
  15. 1998 winner was Paul and Joan Carson
  16. 1997 winner was Jack and Martina Hendry
  17. 1996 winner was Ken Short
  18. 1995 winner was Frank Beyer

Put on those thinking caps! The KINGFISHER Award Committee welcomes your suggestions for next year's recipient of KAS's highest honor. This award, to be presented at our annual general membership dinner meeting in May, honors a KAS member who has a history of volunteer excellence with our organization. To be considered, the candidate should have demonstrated the following characteristics:

  1. Has actively participated in the chapter for at least 5 years.
  2. Has produced work of high quality.
  3. Has demonstrated the ability to complete tasks responsibly and in a timely fashion.
  4. Has advocated for wildlife and for the environment.
  5. Has shown a dedication to the KAS chapter.

Please submit any suggestions for the Kingfisher Award to the Many people work very hard to make KAS the great chapter it is, and we want no one to be overlooked. Thanks! We appreciate your help.




Our Mission is to preserve the natural world through education, enivronmental study, and habitat protection; and to promote awareness and enjoyment of local and regional natural areas. Check out our new Brochure!

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