Along the lines of "practicing what we preach", here are nine easy ways to help conserve our natural resources: 

  1. Skip a trip: Eliminating one 20 mile trip in a vehicle per week will prevent 1000 tons of pollution from entering the atmosphere and will save gasoline. 

  2. Eat less beef: If you can avoid only one beef dish per week, it will conserve 40,000 gallons of water & 70 lbs of topsoil. 
  3. Hold the shrimp: By passing on the shrimp, you'll help reduce the incidental "by-catch" of sea life by up to 12 lbs that commercial fishing vessels take from our oceans. 
  4. Cut Back on the Junk Mail: If 1000 people reduce the junk mail they receive by one half, 170 trees will not have to be cut down. This also will contribute to scaling back on fossil fuel combustion and use of chemicals. 
  5. Use compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Fluorescent bulbs use far less energy to produce the same amount of light as standard incandescent bulbs. Replace four incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs and watch your energy bill decrease!
  6. Adjust your Thermostat: Put on a sweatshirt and turn down that thermostat by 3 degrees in winter. Thousands of cubic feet of natural gas conserved will be the result. 
  7. Keep Poisons out of your lawn & garden: Diazinon (there's that word again!!) and Atrazine are toxic chemicals that are common ingredients in just about every Weed & Feed product on the market. They kill a lot more than dandelions!! Avoid using products with these ingredients. 
  8. Water Conservation: Installing faucet aerators and efficient, low-flow showerheads can save 8000 gallons of water annually. 
  9. Convince 2 friends to join you Visit for ideas and tips on conservation: TURN THE TIDE !! By each doing a little now, in the end we all accomplish a lot.


Stay tuned for more content


Stay tuned for more content