Purple Martins

For many years, our hardy Kitsap Audubon Purple Martin committee members have
maintained and monitored Martin nest boxes around the county. Paul and Joan Carson,
John McDonald, and Sandy Pavey, with help from others, have tended these colonies
faithfully over the years. Huge Audubon thank yous to them. 

We hope they continue as the core of our Martin Program. If you have active Purple
Martin nest boxes or follow naturally nesting Martins, please consider sharing your
information and helping us maintain and monitor other nest boxes.

Meanwhile, the old nest boxes on pilings at the head of Eagle Harbor could use a
sponsor. These boxes are still used, but access for cleaning requires a high tide and boat,
or low tide and the ability to cross the mud with a ladder. 

To volunteer or to learn more


Purple Martin

The purple martings have
been returning every April
for decades to the clusters of
hanging gourds put up by their friends at Kitsap Audubon.

Because of the intense
competition for natural cavity
nest sites from introduced
species like the starling and
house sparrow, Purple
Martins depend more and more on man-made colonies for their survival. 

The care and maintenance of these colonies is a labor of love for a handful of dedicated volunteers. Some colonies are greatly in need of attention to keep them habitable. Kitsap Audubon provides support in the form of guidance and funding, but needs more volunteers.

Purple Martin wooden nest box.jpg

Purple martin Links

Purple Martin Conservation Society: www.purplemartin.org

Founded in the 1987 by James R. Hill, III,  the Purple Martin Conservation Association (PMCA) is the world leader in research, education and conservation of Purple Martins, North America’s largest swallow.


Purple Martin in tube Nest box.jpg

Purple Martin nest Boxes in Kitsap County

Brownsville: Twenty gourds are installed at the Brownsville Mariana area.

Seabeck:  Fourteen gourds and two wooden boxes are installed at the Seabeck Marina Area.

Bainbridge Island: Five gourds and ten nest boxes are installed at the west end of Eagle Harbor.

Poulsbo:  Ten nest boxes are installed at the old Oyster Plant

Silverdale:  Twelve nest boxes are installed near the Silverdale Marina Area.